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  • $168.00 $175.00
    $168.00 $175.00

    Contains 5mg Ivermectin/ml. Delivers internal and external parasite control in one convenient low-volume application. Kills: Grubs, Biting Lice, Lungworms, Horn Flies, Sucking Lice, Mange Mites, Round Worms (including Brown Stomach Worms). Dosage: 1cc/22# body weight. 45 day withdrawal. Not for sale to HI or AK. Free Shipping 

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  • $59.99

    The Breyer Yuletide Greetings Holiday Horse for 2020 is adorned with rustic appeal. His plaid blanket features “Happy Holidays” embroidered on one side, and a large buffalo plaid bow on the other. Ribbons, burlap, and rope detailing complete his look, which exudes modern country charm. A timeless holiday gift, Yuletide Greetings features “Happy Holidays...

  • $15.95 $19.95
    $15.95 $19.95

    Z Tag feedlot tags meet the needs of feedyards, designed for short-term use (12 months or less). The exclusive self-piercing cutting tip gives a clean, precise incision to help prevent infection and disease transfer. Requires Z-Tag No-Snag Applicator. Size of tag: 4 1/2" x 3".

  • $88.48 $110.60
    $88.48 $110.60

    The Cinch Concealed Carry Jackets are essential for any western wardrobe, they layer well over the  classic fit and modern fit western shirts. The Cinch Concealed Carry Jacket is warm and versatile, Cinch bonded jackets and vests are constructed of a wind & water resistant, fleece backed fabric, making them ideal for all-season wear. The solid bonded...

  • $16.14 $18.99
    $16.14 $18.99

    While the antics of Breyer's Zoe & Zander Unicorn Foals look like foal’s play, they’re learning about the enchanted forest around them so they can grow up to become its next protectors. Ages 4+ | 1:12 Scale 

  • $49.00

    Back on Track Riding Gloves create a gentle warmth and help if you suffer from arthritis pain in your hands or poor circulation in your fingers. Works with your natural body warmth and gentle heat, with the ceramic-infused Welltex fabric that contains ceramic powder melted into the fabric’s thread. Wear while riding your horse or just outdoors to keep...

  • $376.95 $382.95
    $376.95 $382.95

    Safe-Guard Suspension is a dewormer from Merck used as a Beef Cattle, Dairy & Goat Drench. 10% Fenbendazole - Effective as levamisole and safe as thiabendazole. Highly effective against brown stomach worms, small stomach worms, barberpole worms, bankrupt worms, coopers worms, threadnecked intestinal worms, hook lungworms, nodular worms and lungworms. Free...

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  • $5.37 $5.97
    $5.37 $5.97

    Treat your canine friend with the Ethical Spot Holiday Stocking filled with three dog themed toys. The small Holiday Dog Stocking is stuffed with perfect gifts for your favorite canine this holiday season! Toys range from balls and stuffed toys.