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  • $18.95

    The Banixx Wound Care Cream is an infection fighter against multiple fungal & bacterial issues. For use on horses, dogs and small pets in the recovery of multiple fungal & bacterial skin conditions. The chlorhexidine-based (2%) is ultra-enriched with moisturizing and rejuvenating Marine Collagen. 8oz

  • $12.99

    The Dexas Scrub Buster has gentle silicone bristles that dogs love providing a quick and thorough washing of a dog's coat, with soft silicone bristles that reach all the way down to the skin. It even has a dog shampoo reservoir built in!

  • $330.00 $357.37
    $330.00 $357.37

    The 178B (Black Synthetic ) Air Rifle from Pneu Dart is the New upgrade from the 178B Air projector. It features upgrades of a sleek weather resistant stock design and enlarged forearm to reduce pumping effort.  Can be used for tranquilzing, antibiotic treatments, & vaccinating. No fire-arms license required, No hazardous shipping charges. * Free Shipping...

  • $42.00

    Cinch ArenaFlex Polo shirts are made of lightweight moisture-wicking stretch fabric, providing increased range of motion and ease of movement for every summer activity. breathable, comfortable and quick-drying. Embossed Green with Cinch logo, Available in Large, Xlarge, and XXL. MTK1820019

  • $21.75 $24.12
    $21.75 $24.12

    Long-lasting broad-spectrum antibiotic for the treatment of a wide range of diseases caused by susceptible gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. For use in beef and lactating dairy cattle and swine. Provides therapeutic blood levels for 3 days. Not for sale to CA.  

    No Sale to California
  • $20.36 $22.25
    $20.36 $22.25

    Prolate is an organophosphorous insecticide that controls lice and mange on swine and horn flies, lice, mange and ticks on cattle. One quart treats up to 100 head at a dilution of 1 quart per 50 gallons of water. 1 day Swine withdrawal. 3 day Cattle withdrawal  ORMD product, must ship UPS ground

  • $8.10 $8.95
    $8.10 $8.95

    Vision 7 is for use in healthy cattle and sheep as an aid in preventing diseases caused by Clostridium chauvoei (Blackleg), septicum (malignant edema), novyi (Black disease), sordellii and perfringens types C&D (Enterotoxemia). 

  • $44.00

    Python magnum fly tags by Y-tex is designed for extended insecticide release for beef and dairy cattle, including lactating dairy cows. Controls most strains of horn flies for up to 4 mo. and pyrethroid-susceptible strains of horn flies for up to 5 mos. Blue tags: Ytex tagger