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  • $129.65 $133.95
    $129.65 $133.95

    The Eazi-Breed Cidr Sheep Insert is a convenient and effective method for inducing estrus in production animals.  Cidr Sheep Inserts contain the natural hormone progesterone.  Intra-vaginally placed Cidr's release progesterone at a controlled rate into the blood stream.

  • $19.64

    Noromycin 300 LS is a sterile ready-to-use solution of broad spectrum oxytetracycline 300mg/ml, for use in beef cattle, non-lactating dairy cattle, calves, veal calves and swine. Not for sale to CA. Limited supply in 500ml and 250ml.

    No Sale to California
  • $63.50

    Sx Oral Electrolyte and Nutritional Supplement is a fast acting oral electrolyte and nutritional supplement for beef and dairy calves. It rehydrates calves by replenishing salts, sugars, amino acids and proteins due to loss from dehydration associated with scours and other causes of stress.  Each feeding is 50ml by stomach tube or oral drench. 250ml/8oz....

  • $184.95

    The Calf Carrier hitches to all ATVs, tractors, or pick-ups or to the cart. Belting conforms to the calf's body. Humane and safe transport makes dehorning and tagging easier. Complete with nylon strapping & bungee cord, Cradle bolts on/off, Mounts in seconds without tools.

  • $29.63 $39.50
    $29.63 $39.50

    The Sullivan Thermal Sheep Blanket is Made of 600D Polyester Oxford Water-Repellent Fabric to keep animals warm and dry. The blanket has durable honey comb stitching and a solid capped rear. Fully adjustable shoulder and belly straps for a better fit. Accented with a reflective collar.Available in 2 Sizes, small and regular. Blankets are non-returnable if...

  • $1.98

    Sav-A Calf Electrolytes Plus™ is a concentrated nutritional supplement fortified with dextrose, glycine, sodium bicarbonate and lactic acid bacteria to be used during periods of stress. Contains a source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms. For use in pre-weaned veal and herd replacement calves, foals, lambs, goat kids, baby pigs, llama and alpaca...

  • $14.60

    Economy blue plastic pliers for applying rubber bands to dock and castrate baby calves and lambs.

  • $10.30

    Epic Calf Newborn from Tomlyn Veterinary Science is a highly palatable paste supplement loaded with egg proteins to help provide immune system support and provide defense against scours. Packaged in a pre-loaded, single-use syringe for easy administration and to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination from calf to calf. Contains (min) 55% crude fat,...