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  • $15.30

    Sav-A-Caf Colostrum Supplement contains a unique combination of pure Bovine colostrum and serum, and highly digestible fats, and features our exclusive blend of functional proteins, probiotic complex sugars, vitamins and minerals that supports immune development, digestive and overall health. Contains 15% fat, and 55 grams of essential Bovine globulin...

  • $12.47

    Achieve with Cryptex paste supplement for neonatal beef and dairy calves Contains a balanced source of live (viable), naturally occuring microorganisms. Achieve includes targeted proteins, beneficial bacteria and unique carbon sources.  For optimum results, feed to calves 24 hours after birth or later and following periods of stress. Repeat as needed.

  • $186.95

    Matrix (Swine Only) from Merck/Intervet is for synchronization of estrus in sexually mature gilts that have had at least one estrous cycle. Treatment with altrenogest solution 0.22% results in estrus (standing heat) 4 to 9 days after completion of the 14-day treatment period. Altrenogest solution 0.22% (2.2 mg/mL). 1000ml.

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  • $393.45

    An A.I. gun warmer that eliminates cooling that is known to hurt the semen. Carrying multiple guns speeds up the job without the temperature drop. Provides a comfortable, hygenic place to carry guns. If warmer is stored at room temperature than it takes 3 to 5 mins to heat up. Gun Warmer Instructions under the 'Download' tab. Free Shipping on the Gun...

  • $25.93

    Pneu Dart Type ‘U’ RDD Darts have the most versatile and universal tail design for Pneu-Dart and non Pneu-Dart Projectors. Type U tails for 6cc – 10cc darts are the standard tail design for any projector. Type ‘U’ darts contain a small explosive charge which detonates on impact and quickly injects the drug. 5cc x 3/4". Limited supply

  • $5.44 $7.25
    $5.44 $7.25

    The Flat Jax Dog Toy from Ethical Pet has a flat jumbo size squeaker that fills the head and keeps on squeaking even if punctured. The Flat Jax has a floppy tail that is great for shaking and the pancake design is easy for your dog to pick up. Three different assorted characters, you will receive one toy at our choice.  13"

  • $30.97

    Optimizer insecticide tags by Y-Tex are an economical organophosphate that performs well in areas with horn fly pyrethroid resistance. Aids in the control of horn flies, Gulf Coast and spinose ticks, lice and face flies for up to 5 months. A 20% diazinon for use on beef and non-lactating dairy cattle. Orange color, Y-Tex tagger. 15gm weight.

  • $379.10

    The 178B (Black Synthetic ) Air Rifle from Pneu Dart is the New upgrade from the 178B Air projector. It features upgrades of a sleek weather resistant stock design and enlarged forearm to reduce pumping effort.  Can be used for tranquilzing, antibiotic treatments, & vaccinating. Free Shipping in the US is our choice of carrier.