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  • $10.95 $12.47
    $10.95 $12.47

    Achieve with Cryptex paste supplement for neonatal beef and dairy calves Contains a balanced source of live (viable), naturally occuring microorganisms. Achieve includes targeted proteins, beneficial bacteria and unique carbon sources.  For optimum results, feed to calves 24 hours after birth or later and following periods of stress. Repeat as needed.

  • $102.00 $105.95
    $102.00 $105.95

    Pfizer - Calf Guard is for vaccination of healthy newborn calves or pregnantcows as an aid in preventing diarrhea (scours) caused by bovine rotavirus and bovine coronavirus. Contains attenuated strains of bovine rotavirus and bovine coronavirus propagated on established cell lines and freeze-dried to preserve stability. Contains penicillin and...

  • $16.82

    A calf claimer specially formulated for use on newborn calves to assure adoption by natural or foster mothers. Has been field tested on cattle in Nebraska and Iowa.

  • $42.95

    Cinch Men's Cologne is a classic fresh masculine unforgettable scent. It is a warm masculine scent with notes of musk, sandalwood, leather and sage. Cinch Cologne captures the essence of timeless masculinity. 1.7oz and made in the USA

  • $33.64 $41.35
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    $33.64 $41.35

    The Ice Chaser Floating De-Icer from farm Innovator is the most durable floating de-icer available. it is constructed of patented Cast Aluminum for ultimate efficiency and safety. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. has an anti-chew cord protector. H-418. 1250W

  • $14.68 $17.92
    $14.68 $17.92

    Aspirin liquid concentrate is used for swine, poultry, beef and dairy cattle. Contains 12% aspirin. A concentrated solution for use in drinking water. ORMD product, must ship UPS Ground.

  • $14.25 $19.71
    $14.25 $19.71

    Magrath - An easy to use tool. Uses an esphageal probe to administer fluids and nutrients directly into the rumen. Permits relatively fast administration of liquids without regurgitation. A Fluidfeeder gives cattlemen a practical, easy-to-use tool that helps save baby calves. Using a Fluidfeeder is a simple, one man operation that requires no special...

  • $90.50

    Moo Juice Rumen Boluses from Moo Juice LLC are an oral supplement for dairy cows to help stimulate rumen activity and appetite. Used during times of metabolic challenges or at freshening. 80ct