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  • $19.64

    Noromycin 300 LS is a sterile ready-to-use solution of broad spectrum oxytetracycline 300mg/ml, for use in beef cattle, non-lactating dairy cattle, calves, veal calves and swine. Not for sale to CA.

    No Sale to California
  • $14.60

    Economy blue plastic pliers for applying rubber bands to dock and castrate baby calves and lambs.

  • $48.96

    ShutOut Teat Sealant from Merck Animal Health provides extra protection of new intramammary infections during the dry cow period by supplementing the cow’s natural keratin plug. ach syringe of ShutOut consists of 4 g of a sterile, non-antibiotic, intramammary paste containing 2.6 g of bismuth subnitrate. Available in 24ct or 144ct. 

  • $13.50

    Dura-Start 50 Colostrum (Bovine lgG - Escherichia Coli Antibody) from Durvet aids in the treatment of failure of passive transfer in calves in the first 24 hours of birth aiding in the prevention of mortality and in the reduction of diarrhea due to E.coli. 50 IgG

  • $129.00

    The MediHeat electric heater is used in calf warmers. It has three settings available to initiate and speed up the recovery of a sick animal and have it return to its mother. High heat pushes hot air into the lungs and speeds up the drying process for dire cases. Low heat provides warm airflow for animals regaining their livelihood. Heater Only

  • $22.66

    Z Tag ear tags are a premium livestock tag with a unique flip-out applicator and no-snag design.  Z Tag ear tags have a fool-proof one piece design that prevents the back of the ear tag from snagging, pulling out or breaking off. The exclusive self-piercing cutting tip give a clean, precise incision to help prevent infection and disease transfer. 2 1/2" W...

  • $21.95

    Silver Honey Rapid Wound Care Ointment from Absorbine is a powerful, natural, and fast acting horse wound care.  Its revolutionary formula moisturizes the treatment area as it heals and is proven to stop 99.9% of bacteria immediately to start healing faster. Effective on cuts, abrasions, sores, rain rot, rashes, fungus, scratches, sweet itch, wounds and...

  • $46.95

    Max40 Insecticide Fly Tags from Y-Tex are a new controlled release formula that extends the effectiveness of the tag while providing the maximum, concentrated dose of the active ingredient diazinon. Provides up to 5 months of protection from horn flies, house flies, stable flies, face flies, lice, spinose ear ticks and gulf coast ticks. Green tag, uses...