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  • $35.25 $36.49
    $35.25 $36.49

    Boehringer Ingelheim- For vaccination of healthy dairy or beef cattle as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by bovine rhinotracheitis virus, bovine virus diarrhea (Types I and II), bovine parainfluenza-3, bovine respiratory syncytial virus and Mannheimia haemolytica 

  • $599.00 $610.00
    $599.00 $610.00

    Cydectin Pour-On is for control of roundworms, lungworms, grubs, lice and mites in cattle. Contains 5 mg moxidectin/ml. Also provides 7 day of persistent activity against horn flies. Apply 1 cc for each 22 lbs. of body weight along the top of back from the withers to tail head. Varying weather conditions, including rainfall, do not affect the efficacy of...

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  • $55.00

    The Northern Lights Mystic Constellation Necklace from Montana Silversmiths is designed from the sky at night along the Northern Hemisphere when the electrical lights go out but the sky lights come out to dance along the darkened heavens. Those colors are the inspiration for the Northern Lights Collection stones. Necklace hangs on a black finished...

  • $82.50

    The Cinch Concealed Carry Vest is warm and versatile, in a color blocked two-tone look. The Cinch Concealed Carry Vests are essential for any western wardrobe, they layer well over the  classic fit and modern fit western shirts. They provide men with firearm-friendly outerwear. Available in large, XLarge, and 2X.

  • $42.95

    Denagard by Novartis is a potent and palatable water soluble concentrate for the treatment of swine pneumonia and swine dysentery. Fast acting with a wide margin of safety. Approved for use in medicated proportioners. Contains12.5% tiamulin hydrogen fumarate. 

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  • $9.95

    The KONG Wubba Weave with Rope combines the thrill of fetching and tugging with a long-lasting chewing experience. The twisted knotted rope is woven to provide a long-lasting outlet for natural chewing instincts while also helping clean teeth and gums. Adding to the engagement is a squeaker that entices for even longer lasting play sessions. a treat for...

  • $12.47

    Achieve with Cryptex paste supplement for neonatal beef and dairy calves Contains a balanced source of live (viable), naturally occuring microorganisms. Achieve includes targeted proteins, beneficial bacteria and unique carbon sources.  For optimum results, feed to calves 24 hours after birth or later and following periods of stress. Repeat as needed.

  • $159.99 $164.50
    $159.99 $164.50

    Dectomax Injectable from Zoetis has effective broad spectrum control against internal and external parasites, including 36 stages of adult parasites, L4 larvae and inhibited larvae, mange mites and sucking lice. 500ml

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