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  • $13.99

    First Defense Tri-Shield from Immucell combines the E. coli and coronavirus antibodies contained in First Defense®, with rotavirus antibody to produce the only product on the market with trivalent protection against three of the leading pathogens that lead to calf scouring. First Defense Tri-Shield gel should be administered to calves orally, within 12...

  • $175.00

    CBD Oil Tincture for Horses from Silver Lining Herbs can help support horses with pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Helps with calming, joints, and sore feet. It is  3000 mg CBD premium organic hemp oil is THC free.

  • $330.00 $360.00
    $330.00 $360.00

    The Pneu Dart Air Rifle, a breech loading projector, is an air rifle for the person that has limited or occasional use for an immobilizing gun. It is very simple in design but effective. Can be used for tranquilzing, antibiotic treatments,& vaccinating. No fire-arms license required, No hazardous shipping charges. * Free Shipping in the US is our choice...

  • $48.50

    Shoofly Horse Leggins are a breathable plastic mesh with sewn-in stays to eliminate sagging. Heavy-duty Velcro ensures durability and wear-ability. Lower edge finished in felt to eliminate embedded wild oats, burrs, and foxtails.  Protect your horse's legs from painful fly bites with the chemical-free Shoofly Leggins™. Available in Mini, Yearling, Small,...

  • $5.99

    Sullivan's Hocus Pocus Wipes will help clean up your fitting equipment such as combs, chute bars, fitting mats and much more. These durable wipes are saturated with our industry leading adhesive remover to make for an easy cleaning tool. 40 wipes per container.

  • $63.59 $67.82
    $63.59 $67.82

    Prolate is an organophosphorous insecticide that controls lice and mange on swine and horn flies, lice, mange and ticks on cattle. One quart treats up to 100 head at a dilution of 1 quart per 50 gallons of water. 1 day Swine withdrawal. 3 day Cattle withdrawal  ORMD product, must ship UPS ground

  • $58.00

    The Twisted CZ & Opal Earrings from Montana Silversmiths are in the Rover Lights Collections. The pieces echo the dazzling light reflected in the wild rivers and shining in the clear night sky using colored stones set in silver finishes. Earrings have hypoallergenic stainless steel posts. ER4128

  • $84.00 $88.54
    $84.00 $88.54

    The Permectrin Fly & Louse Dust Bag Kit is a ready-to-use permethrin insecticide dust and dust bag, designed to kill horn flies and lice on cattle and as an aid in reducing face fly populations on beef and dairy cattle. It is also ideal for control of Northern Fowl Mites on poultry and for control of lice on swine. Kit includes 2 x 12.5lb dust and 1 dust...