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ProSystem CE 50ds

 ProSystem CE is used in healthy swine as an aid in the prevention of colibacillosis and enterotoxemia in their nursing piglets.Product contains E. coli antigens K99, K88, F41 and 987P, and Clostridium perfringens type C toxoid. ProSystem CE dosage is 2 ml IM or SQ given at 5 weeks and 2 weeks prior to first farrowing, with a single booster to be given 2 weeks prior to subsequent farrowing.

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1. For primary vaccination, each pregnant sow and gilt must receive at least 2 doses of Rotavirus vaccine rehydrated with ProSystem® CE.

Administer one 2 ml. dose of the ProSystem® RCE combination intramuscularly at 5 weeks and again one 2 ml. dose IM at 2 weeks before farrowing. In subsequent farrowings, administer one 2 ml. dose intramuscularly about 2 weeks before farrowing.

2. Reconstitute ProSystem® Rota with the ProSystem® CE which accompanies the vaccine vial. Shake well before use. To reconstitute the 25 dose ProSystem® Rota vial, transfer 10–15 ml. of the bacterin-toxoid to the vaccine vial, in order to rehydrate the vaccine. Then return all the vaccine bacterin-toxoid mixture to the 50 ml. plastic bacterin-toxoid vial, to provide 25 doses of both ProSystem® Rota and ProSystem® CE.


1. Store in the dark at not over 45°F. (7°C.). Do not freeze.

2. Use vaccine immediately after reconstitution. Use entire contents when first opened. Burn this container and all unused contents.

3. Use in healthy pregnant swine only, and do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter.

4. Conditions which interfere with lactation adversely affect immunity in baby pigs.

5. If allergic reaction follows use of this product, treat with epinephrine.

6. Although this product has been shown to be efficacious, some animals may be unable to develop or maintain an adequate immune response following vaccination if they are incubating any infectious disease, are malnourished or parasitized, or stressed due to shipment or adverse environmental conditions.

7. Contains gentamicin, polymyxin B and thimerosal as preservatives.

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