Pneu Dart X-Caliber Co2 Rifle Camo Stock

The Pneu Dart X-Caliber has become a favorite for those seeking a lightweight projector rifle without sacrificing range or accuracy. The advanced features and benefits make it a superior projector on the market. It is a versatile, pressure-gauged full-volume dump tranquilizer rifle. Camo Stock. Original X-Caliber 29" barrel. Sale price while supplies last. Limit stock.

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  • Located directly behind the urethane coated forearm is our rotating power control engineered to vary the muzzle velocity without taking your eye off the target.
  • Constructed of machined aluminum and coated with a handsome, elements-resistant, satin-finish, the X-Caliber is the best and most versatile of Pneu-Dart's projectors.
  • Protective gauge housing
  • Spring loaded rotating butt plate for quick loading.

Benefits of the X-Caliber:

  • Quiet (Virtually Silent)
  • Dart ranges are the greatest and the most accurate in the history of the company
  • ½ cc to 10 cc dart
  • Most Affordable on a per shot basis
  • Barrels are 416R stainless steel with dichromate seal minimizing any bore residue.
  • O-rings are rated from -40 to 400 F
  • Lightweight at 8.69 lbs.

The X-Caliber ships with the following:

  • (1) Protective SKB hard-shell case.
  • (1) Sling w/ swivels
  • (1) 3.5 oz refillable C02 cylinder
  • (10) 12 gram disposable "powerlet" C02 cylinders
  • (1) 12gm. Quick Change powerlet adapter
  • (1) Pack of 1cc practice darts.
  • (1) Manual

See the X-Caliber PSI Setting Chart, and the Dart Bar Chart under the 'Download Tab'

Manual for X-Caliber Rifle

Video - X-Caliber Accuracy

Video - Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet Commercial

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