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Hi Yield Stump Remover 1.5lb

Hi-Yield Stump Remover is a product that decomposes the stump from the inside out. Hi-Yield Stump Remover makes the stump porous through out so that removing or burning is easier to do. Use the directions on the label for diagrams of where to drill holes in the stump for proper application. Hi-Yield Stump Remover will not harm surrounding vegetation.

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Use this product to remove nuisance and unsightly stumps. Hi-YieldR Stump Remover decomposes the wood of tree stumps leaving them porous right down to the root tips. This allows for easy removal or burning ofthe stump. Hi -YieldR Stump Remover is harmless

to vegetation surrounding treated stumps. For removal of stumps up to 12in diameter, drill a 1hole in center of stump approximately 10to 12deep. Drill an additional 1hole into the

side of the stump approximately 3below the top ofthe stump. This second holeshould be slanted to connect(or nearly so) with the bottomof the center hole.



Drill several sets of such holes for stumps larger than 12” wide. Pour approximately 14 lb.


Hi-YieldR Stump Remover into each hole. Fill each hole with water. Allow to stand from


four to six weeks. If stump is to be burned, refill holes with kerosene or fuel oil. Allow sufficient time for the liquid to be completely absorbed into the stump. Then apply a slight amount of


kerosene over stump and ignite. Or burn charcoal on top of stump or around base to start stump burning. The stump will burn with a smoldering, red glow, clear down to the roots, disintegrating the stump into ashes.


CAUTIO N: Harmful if swallowed. Contains potassium nitrate. If swallowed give one or two


glasses of water or milk and call physician.

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