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One Day Response

An exclusive formula of psyllium, electrolytes and energy sources in a powdered form. It is an ideal oral rehydrant for young calves. When mixed with water and administered, Provides fluids, fiber and synergistic nutrients essential for maintaining normal activity. The formula is readily accepted by calves when fed from a bottle or bucket. Contains no artificial colors or flavorings. 


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Not for sale in KY or NM.

Mix 1 packet (2.5 oz.) with 2 quarts warm water and administer every 12 hours as needed.

Helps calves resume normal diets quickly-usually after just 2 feedings. Minimizes weight loss caused by dehydration.


Salt (NaCl), minimum


Salt (NaCl), maximum


Sodium, minimum


Potassium, minimum


Magnesium, minimum



Psyllium seed husk, sucrose, salt (sodium chloride), sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, medium chain triglycerides, potassium chloride, glycine, silicon dioxide, magnesium hydroxide


1.)Mix 1 packet (2.5 oz.) with 2 quarts of warm water.

2) Administer the mixture orally to the calf every 12 hours.

3) Resume regular diet within 48 hours (or less if calf responds favorably after 1 or 2 feedings).


- Feed immediately after mixing. Do not pre-mix - the solution will become too thick to feed.

- Many calves are ready to resume regular diets after only 1 or 2 feedings.

- 1 quart of milk may be substituted for 1 quart of water in the 4th feeding. In that case, mix 1/2 packet with 1 quart warm water and 1/2 packet with 1 quart milk and combine for the final feeding.

- Bucket feeding: mix with a whisk for best results.

- Bottle feeding: to eliminate clumping, pour 2.5 oz. of powder into bottle, add 1 pint water and shake well until powder is thoroughly mixed. Then add 3 more pints of water to bottle and shake well before feeding.

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