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Albon Bolus 5gm

Albon Cattle boluses are used for bacterial pneumonia, shipping fever, foot rot, calf diphtheria. Effective against some strains of Strep, Staph, Klebsiella, Shigella, Proteus, E. coli and Salmonella. Sulfadimethoxine is the active ingredient. For calves 200 - 600lbs. 50ct

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Initial dose (5gm): 1 bolus per 200 lbs. body weight. Each subsequent daily dose: 1/2 bolus per 200 lbs. body weight. Initial dose (15gm): 1 bolus per 600 lbs. body weight each subsequent daily dose. 1/2 bolus per 600 pounds body weight. Treatment should not be continued beyond five days.


Albon Boluses, 5 g


Dosage Schedule for Cattle: 200-600 lb of body weight


Animal Weight, lb

First Day

Daily for the Following 3-4 Days


1 bolus

1/2 bolus


1 1/2 boluses

1 bolus


2 boluses

1 bolus


2 1/2 boluses

1 1/2 boluses


3 boluses

1 1/2 boluses


7 day slaughter withdrawal. 60 hour milk withdrawal. Not for use in calves to be processed for veal.


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