Q Mist Flying Insect Kit

An automatic timed aerosol dispenser system. It has automatic insect control kit for flies, mosquitoes, and moths or a fully automatic air freshener for odor control. The dispenser operates quietly on 2 size-D batteries (not included). The dispenser operates around-the-clock and dispenses insecticide or fragrance every 15 minutes. Aerosols must ship UPS Ground.

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The insecticide packaged with your dispenser will take care of 6,000 cubic foot area for approx. one month. The insecticide is fully approved in food processing rooms, milk rooms, animal areas, stables, bathrooms, kitchens or any other enclosed area. Kit includes sandy beige dispenser, 1 metered fly spray, and 1 air freshener refill.

Refill cans of insect spary are available, as well as several fragrances.

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