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Udderly Ultimate EZ Electric Milker

The Ultimate EZ™Animal Milker is for Goats, Cows, Sheep. Invented by Buck Wheeler, inventor of the Udderly EZ Hand Milker. It is electric and milks two teats at once. It is fast, safe, easy to clean, and affordable, and milks as fast as the Jug Milkers, at 1/3 the price. No tubes to wash, only quart collection bottles, and silicone inflations.

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The Ultimate EZ™ Kit includes:

  • Ultimate EZ™ Vacuum Pump
  • Two Quart Collection Bottles w/caps
  • Two  #2 Extraction Tubes
  • One Vacuum Line Assembly
  • One Vacuum Hose Clamp
  • Two Small Silicone Inflations
  • Two Large Silicone Inflations
  • One Ez Dairy Wipes Pack
  • One Micro-Fiber Dairy Towel
  • One Ez Animal Products Instructional DVD
  • One set of Ultimate Ez Instructions
  • The Ultimate Ez Canvas Carrying Bag

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