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QuickStrike Fly Abatement Strips 2ct

Specially designed to control nuisance flies. Flies are instinctively drawn to its curved design created to facilitate fly feeding. QuikStrike® Fly Abatement Strip has a large exposed surface area for flies to feed on and a unique active ingredient that kills flies in seconds. A triple-action attractant draws flies to the strip where they feed on a sugar-based active ingredient coating.

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Unique, self-contained product designed to hang above fly forage areas, out of reach of animals, children and routine cleaning operations.


It uses a new insecticide Nithiazine plus a potent attractant to achieve rapid kill of nuisance flies, house flies and little/lesser house flies from a 300 sq. ft. area. Can be hung either horizontally or vertically. Kills flies within seconds and lasts up to 8 wks.

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