Z Tags Feedlot Numbered Tags 25ct

ZTag - The original one piece no snag tag. Easier to put in – no more torn ears! The unique pivoting applicator pin makes loading quick and easy while eliminating ripped ears. Superior readability. Z Tags feedlot tags are easier to read than other tags, from front or back.  That comes in handy in a crowded feedlot. 25ct Click on the 'More Details' for ordering information.

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Exclusive self-piercing tip. Our self-piercing tips makes a clean, precise incision, helping to prevent infection and disease transfer. Foolproof one-piece design. The back of our tags will not snag and pull out or break off like other tags, saving you the cost and inconvenience of re-tagging.

Ordering Information:
Indicate the quantity of tags in your shopping cart and then please email sales@livestockconcepts.com what color and #'s you would like on your tags. If you would like your name, phone # or brand on the tags (for an additional charge) indicate this also. These are a non-stock item so allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.
Available in 13 colors

Z Tags feedlot tags comes in 13 different colors, so you’re sure to find the right color for your operation 


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