Superjet 359A Open End Electric Dehorner Complete Unit View larger

Superjet 359A Open End Electric Dehorner Complete Unit

The Superjet Dehorning saw is truly a fine dehorner.   It quickly severs horns without bruising or crushing. The horn is off before animal senses any pain.Opening the head for easy access to the arteries.  Making it a most humane way to dehorn.  Easy to use, ready to use, completely assembled. 

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Design: The Superjet has been designed with an open end. (no threading over end of horn).  It has two roating blade guards that wrap around the horn as it is being severed.  The open end is safe for the operator, as it doesn not tie you into the animal.  Frees you immediately should you lose animal restraint.  When used as instructed , is safe for the animal as well.

Quality: The Superjet is built for years of service. Easy to use. Just place vee of dehorner at desired location on horn.  Start motor and push forward.  The Superjet is an electrically powered saw with a 13-amp industrial motor combining speed, humaneness and ease. Open end design cuts up to  a 3 1/2" diameter horn.

Operating Instructions: Although this can vary in different situations(horn angle, breed etc). Place the Inner Arc of the Rotating Blade Guards against the desired location, where you want to cut.  Start the motor and push forward.  Although the rotating guards provide the reasonable ear protection it is advisable to restrain the head as to avoid a direct path with the ear.  With a  little practice and experiementing you will find the proper approach that fits your situation best.

Cleaning: Remove Bottom Plate-Stand Dehorner on end(motor up), flush blood, bone fragments and hair off with hose. (caution do not get water in the motor).  Keep rotatating guards free and clean.  Dry blade and coat with vaseline or oil.

Warranty: As with the Milwaukee Warranty on the motor, Fullenkamp Enterprises Inc also warrants the unit to be free of defects.  Should you find that the unit will not operate and described, due the defective material or workmanship, new parts will be replaced.  


Available without motor also by special order

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