Warrior Insecticide Tags

Warrior insecticide tags contain a patented, synergized formulation of organophosphate insecticides to control horn flies biting and sucking lice, gulf coast and spinose ear ticks for up to 5 mos. Aides in the control of face, stable and house flies. For use on beef and non-lactating dairy cattle. Do not use on calves less than 3 mos. of age. Use 2 tags per head. Green  Y-tex tagger. 15gm tag

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A $3.00 investment in Y-TEX insecticide ear tags can return  43.1 lbs. extra gain for calves, 47.1 lbs. extra gain for stocker steers and open heifers, and 26.1 lbs extra gain for cows.

*Based on 43 independent studies for calves, 11 studies for stocker steers and open heifers, and 28 herd studies for cows. For good long-term horn fly control, proper tag rotation must be followed.

One Tag Per Animal Controls Pyrethroid-resistant Horn Flies For 3 To 4 Months And Aids In Control Of Face Flies.
One Tag Per Animal Controls Biting And Sucking Lice During Winter.

No Withdrawal Time Required.
Two Tags Per Animal Control Horn Flies, Lice, Gulf Coast And Spinose Ear Ticks Up To 5 months And Aid In Control Of Face Flies, Stable Flies And House Flies.
Snap-lok® Collar
Ribbed Design For Season-long Durability
Long Taper And Rounded Edges For Durability
Large Surface Area For Insecticide Effectiveness

NOTE: When applying tags, wear chemical-resistant gloves made of rubber or any waterproof material (thickness equal to or greater than 14 mils).

Summer Season: Apply 1 tag per animal to control horn flies for 3-4 months, control lice and aid in control of face flies. Apply 2 tags per animal (1 in each ear) for optimum control of horn flies, lice, Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks for up to 5 months. Two tags per animal also provides substantial reductions of face flies and aids in control of stable flies and house flies. Apply when pests appear.

Winter Season: Apply 1 new tag per animal in late fall to early winter to control biting and sucking lice. Kills biting lice and most sucking lice within 2 weeks. Protects from lice reinfestation for 2-3 months.

Apply new tags in spring for fly and tick control. Replace as necessary. Apply as shown with the Y-TEX 2-piece tagging system. All animals in the herd should be tagged. Calves less than 3 months of age should not be tagged or ear damage may result. To minimize development of insecticide resistance, remove used tags at end of fly and lice seasons and follow Y-TEX’s recommended tag rotation program.
Step 1: Seat male button firmly on pin, press down and give a slight twist.
Step 2: Place female tag firmly under clip. Collar on tag must be pointing away from pin.
Step 3: Position applicator over ear and squeeze the handles together.

The ideal position for male stud is between the second and third radial cartilage as shown.

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