Optimizer Insecticide Tags

Optimizer insecticide tags by Y-Tex are an economical organophosphate that performs well in areas with horn fly pyrethroid resistance. Aids in the control of horn flies, Gulf Coast and spinose ticks, lice and face flies for up to 5 months. A 20% diazinon for use on beef and non-lactating dairy cattle. Orange color, Y-Tex tagger. 15gm weight.

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  • Contains active ingredient Diazinon (21%)
  • Controls ectoparasites, which cause major economic losses
  • Reduces need for frequent spray treatments
  • May be used in winter for lice control
  • Requires no withdrawal time

A $3.00 investment in Y-TEX insecticide ear tags can return  43.1 lbs. extra gain for calves, 47.1 lbs. extra gain for stocker steers and open heifers, and 26.1 lbs extra gain for cows.

 *Based on 43 independent studies for calves, 11 studies for stocker steers and open heifers, and 28 herd studies for cows. For good long-term horn fly control, proper tag rotation must be followed.

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