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Hog Mate Odor Spray - sow/gilt 40ml

For heat detection and management of breeding pigs.  Hog Mate is used to determine whetheror not the gilt or sow is  at a stage of estrus for artificial insemination. Daily treatment after weaning with Hog Mate for Gilts and Sows can reduce the number of days to next estrus.


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The spray contains a solution of the same pheromone compound which occurs naturally in the boar and which is responsible for the " boar odor".  The need to keep and maintain "teaser" boars is no longer necessary. 


  • Increase productivity and save money
  • Aids in the identification of estrus in sows and first estrus in gilts without the use of a boar
  • Water based formula eliminates solvent shock
  • Daily treatment after weaning can reduce the number of days to next estrus
  • No organic solvent, no pressurized aerosol
  • Safe and non-flammable
  • Can be shipped via air freight
  • 40 mL will treat approximately 100 sows


Hogmate for boars: improves boar efficiency, libido & semen outpout. 2 to 3 pumps per dose.

Hogmate for Gilts/Sows: stimulates onset of estrus. 1 to 2 pumps per dose.

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