• $52.75 $53.75
    $52.75 $53.75

    Saber Pour-On from Merck Animal Health is a powerful, broad-spectrum pyrethroid that controls horn flies and biting and sucking lice in beef cattle or calves. Contains the highly bioactive pyrethroid, lambdachalothrin. Long-lasting, ready to use formula features a squeeze bottle dosage indicator.

    No Sale to California
  • $25.00 $27.95
    $25.00 $27.95

    Synergized Delice by Merck is a permethrin ready to use spray  that gives fast knock down and  is safe for beef, lactating dairy, sheep and premises. It is ideal for winter lice control but also controls flies and other harmful pests. Directions/Dosage: Pour on 1/2 oz per 100 lbs. to a maximum of 5 oz for cattle or 1/4oz per 50lbs up to 3oz maximum for...

  • $40.74

    Powerful, quick kill. Contains gamma-cyhalothrin, the newest technology in the pyrethroid class and first time used in cattle. Ready to use. For comtrol of horn flies and lice on beef cattle and calves. Less than 600 lbs-10cc, over 600 lbs-15cc.

    No Sale to California
  • $35.49 $38.65
    $35.49 $38.65

    Contains 5% permethrin and 5% piperonyl butoxide for optimum pest control. Piperonyl butoxide improves the effectiveness of pyrethroids for a broad range of insects and decreases the amount of permethrin needed to achieve a desired killing effect.

  • $23.35 $25.47
    $23.35 $25.47

    Control Solutions Permethrin 1% kills lice, horn flies, face flies on beef cattle, lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle; kills keds and lice on sheep. Can be used as a pour-on, back rubber or ready-to-use spray. One gallon will treat 25 head of (1,000 lb) cattle. FOB charges may apply.

  • $55.60 $57.50
    $55.60 $57.50

    A synergized formula with lambdachyalothrin and piperonyl butoxide for use in horn fly control on beef cattle and calves. The enhanced insecticidal activity of synergized Lambdacyhalothrin allows quick knockdown and extended duration of efficacy against horn flies.PBO Makes Ultra Saber Fast Acting and  Longer Lasting!

    No Sale to California
  • $24.80

    Permectrin CDS Pour-On from Bayer Animal Health is a concentrated Insecticide containing 7.4% Permethrin and 7.4% Piperonyl Butoxide, in an oil-based, ready-to-use formula.Helps to control lice, horn and face flies on lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle, beef cattle and calves. Also aids in the control of mosquitoes, stable, horse, house and black...

  • $24.50

    Controls horn, face, stable, house and horse flies, mosquitoes, lice, ticks, and mange mites. Multi-species applications- lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle, beef cattle, horses, goats, sheep, swine and poultry. As a livestock spray, mix 1 pt per gal. water. 5 day withdrawal.

  • $47.00 $51.00
    $47.00 $51.00

    Co-Ral Fly & Tick Spray from Bayer is for control of horn flies, face flies, lice, ticks and screwworms. Registered for use on all cattle, including lactating dairy animals, horses and swine. May be applied as a spray or with a backrubber only for cattle. ORMD product, must ship UPS ground. Not for Sale in CA., AK, or DC

    No Sale to California
  • $8.00 $9.36
    $8.00 $9.36

    An emulsifiable insecticide spray containing 10% permethrin. It is labeled for use directly onbeef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, horses, poultry and dogs, and their premises. It provides up to 30 day residual effect against various pests including flies, lice, mites, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, including deer ticks.

  • $20.74 $22.24
    $20.74 $22.24

    Prolate is an organophosphorous insecticide that controls lice and mange on swine and horn flies, lice, mange and ticks on cattle. One quart treats up to 100 head at a dilution of 1 quart per 50 gallons of water. 1 day Swine withdrawal. 3 day Cattle withdrawal  ORMD product, must ship UPS ground

  • $34.35

    The Back Rubber for cattle is made of tough polyester with an acrylic polypropylene rope that runs its full length.To Use: Suspend between two trees or posts. Charge with 4 gallons of insecticide-diesel fuel mixture along the length. Choices are the 5 ft backrub or the 10 ft backrub. Backrubbers are FOB items.