• $495.20

    A convenient, effective and safe way to combat coccidiosis in young calves. Medicated powder designed to be mixed with whole milk. Feed for at least 28 days during periods of coccidiosis exposure. Please call for current pricing.  Prices change weekly!    

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  • $710.00

    Contains 6% decoquinate for the prevention of coccidiosis in beef cattle, poultry and game birds. Usual mixing rate is 1 lb. per ton of complete ration, to be mixed in a small amount of feed before adding to the grinder. Please call for current pricing.  Prices change weekly!        

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  • $56.95

    BioSuper is the most effective dry powder disinfectant on the market designed to keep your animals in a healthy environment.   Maintaining hygiene and treating bedding with BioSuper can prevent these diseases.

  • $79.95

    Fungal growth inhibitor. The Mold Zap, consisting of a mixture of organic acids, especially developed for use in grain and rations, which inhibits fungal growth, drastically reducing the harmful effects of fungal growth.

  • $734.21

    Rumensin 90 is for increased feed efficiency in slaughter  cattle & reproducing beef cattle.  It also prevents and controls coccidiosis in slaughter cattle, dry lot cattle, calves(excluding veal), reproducing beef cattle , pasture cattle & goats. It improves milk production in dairy cows. It increases weight gain in pasture cattle and  dry lot cattle....

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  • $11.95

    Compass Minerals American Stockman Salt Block is for animal feeding only. Ensure adequate supply of roughage and fresh water is available for all animals. NOT FOR HUMAN USE. With 99.0% purity, our White Salt is extremely tough and weather resistant. It’s designed specifically for free-choice feeding. Available for all classes of beef and dairy cattle,...