• $31.25

    Animed Arthaway with Hemp has a unique formulation of glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronan (HA), and MSM. The addition of Hemp enhances the physical and mental well being of your dog as well as helping them maintain a normal inflammatory response and support their antioxidant function. 16oz.

  • $21.75

    Animed Hip Help with Hemp includes nutritional ingredients that contain building blocks for healthy joints in dogs. The addition of hemp enhances the physical and mental well being of your dog and helps maintain a normal inflammatory response as well as supports antioxidant function. Creatine is a muscle-enhancing supplement that aids in muscle healing.

  • $16.43

    Animed's Via-Clam with Hemp supports healthy function and balance of the body's endocannabinoid system, enhancing physical and mental well-being in dogs. Promotes a sense of relaxation and mental alertness. Helps support cognitive function. Non-drowsy.

  • $18.50

    Hemp Joint Soft Chews from Durvet provide your dog and cat with the nutrients to build healthy joint cartilage for overall joint health and increased mobility in dogs and cats. Promotes cartilage development, supporting healthy joint function and flexibility. Manages discomfort due to normal daily activities. Approved for use in dogs or cats. 60ct or 120ct 

  • $18.36

    Hemp Calming Soft Chews from Durvet supports calmness and composure in dogs or cats during stressful situations. Hemp Calming Soft Chews are recommended for use before traveling, boarding or separation from your pet, and when loud noises are anticipated, like fireworks or thunderstorms. Approved for use in dogs or cats. 60ct or 120ct.  60ct on backorder

  • $10.35

    Animed CoMega Supreme w/Hemp enhances the physical and mental well-being of your dog or horse. It supports antioxidant function, helps to support cognitive function and maintain a normal inflammatory response. For dogs of all ages. Contains Naturally Occurring Phytocannabinoids. Available in a 32oz or gallon.

  • $11.20

    Animed's Pure Hemp Oil is a cold pressed hemp oil that has a multitude of benefits including, supporting normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological function. Enhances the physical and mental well being of your pet. Available as a 2oz.

  • $28.10

    Animed Hemp Meal enhances the physical and mental well being of your animal and their immune response. It also helps support cognitive function. 100% hemp meal. Available in a 2.5lb

  • $42.00

    CBD Oil Tincture for Pets from Silver Lining Herbs helps support dogs with pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Helping with agression, joints, arthritis in hips, knees, and joints in dogs, and stress. 240 mg CBD premium organic hemp oil is THC free.