• $13.06

    Scientifically proven to attract and kill disease-carrying stable flies without insecticides, so they're safe to use around stables, cattle barns, poultry farms, kennels, restaurants or homes and gardens. A 360-degree trapping surface that holds 8,000 flies. Disposable and weatherproof.

  • $11.85

    Captivator® Fly Trap, is a heavy-duty, reusable and economical plastic jar comes complete with 1 tube of attractant. Just squeeze attractant into jar and add water. Captivator® Fly Trap's one-way entry system keeps flies in the trap and its 2 quart capacity means minimal maintenance.  ORMD product, must ship UPS Ground.

  • $7.35

     A Rescue Fly Trap catches flies "in bulk" around agricultural and livestock areas with heavy fly concentrations, boasting twice the attractant and capacity as our Disposable Fly Trap.

  • $83.33

    Recommended for perimeter use. Insecticide-free disposable fly traps with built-in attractant. Catche thousands of flies. Easy and convenient to use. Excellent for use around pets, in the yard, kennel and garbage containers. A patented, scientifically developed attractant. It contains no pesticides making it an ideal alternative. 12 traps. ORMD product,...

  • $6.40

    Sticky fly trap sticks that can be used indoors or out. Fly Stik™ fly trap at 24 inches contains no insecticides and is odor-free. Great for use in and around barns, stables, corrals and homes. A Pheromone-driven fly trap. Scientifically-designed trap melds muscalure, a naturally secreted sex pheromone, with sticky fly tape to attract and hold a variety...

  • $9.70

    Starbar Fly Trap Attractant is an exclusive formula that contains four different attractants flies can’t resist. It can be used with Fly Terminator, Fly Terminator Pro, Captivator and other bottled traps. 8 x 30gm. ORMD product, must ship UPS Ground.

  • $5.95

    The Revenge Pantry Pest Traps control moths by using a special moth sex lure or pheromone that attracts male moths. The male moths then become trapped, mating is disrupted and the breeding cycle is stopped eventually leading to moth control. Effective for Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, Almond moths and Raisin moths control.

  • $6.15

    A unique disposable fly trap can hold over 10,000 flies. Uses a special attractant of multiple feeding stimulants plus a powerful sex pheromone to attract and trap flies. Can be hung up or set down wherever flies are a problem. ORMD product, must ship UPS Ground.

  • $10.79

    Traps 3x as many flies as other sticky fly traps. No fly trap odor. No harmful chemicals and insecticide free. Hang up , stand up, or stack up on a garden stake. Rain proof. Also attracts aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers, and more.

  • $11.67

    The easy, economical way to catch over 35,000 flies Catches over 2.5 times as many flies as Rescue® Fly Trap* Set on the ground or hang up Insecticide-free Reusable Includes attractant flies can't resist Easy to use - just add water, attractant and pop on the top Turn ordinary plastic jugs into effective, insecticide-free fly traps!  ORMD product, must...

  • $215.76

    Quick Bayt is a ready-to-use dry scatter bait with 0.5% imidacloprid, with fast knockdown and no resistance problems. Effective against flies resistant to organophosphates and carbamates. Control flies around the outside of commercial facilities, dairies, production facilities, and horse stables, or mixed with water and used as a paint-on to surfaces...

  • $42.57

    An effective fly bait formula that contains Z-9 Tricosene and new Active Ingredient Dinotefuran that attracts house flies to the bait and kills quickly. Baits can be an important tool in the overall management of house fly populations. Can be used daily as a scatter bait where house flies are a problem.