• $24.91

    The Lamb Feeder Bucket provides an easy way to feed lambs. Plastic bucket with metal handle.  Comes with three teats and valves. Spare teats, and valves are available separately. 

  • $16.62

    Designed for safer delivery of pigs or lambs.  Economical, semi-disposable puller uses strong, 3/32" galvanized cable with a handle support for easy gripping.  The cable is covered with FDA-approved plastic tubing and extends from a 2" to a 7" snare loop.

  • $1.22

    These nipples are designed to fit snugly on a standard 20-ounce plastic soda bottle. The nipple is soft and pliable, with a natural shape for the tender mouths of lambs, kids, piglets, foals, and other small livestock. Made with a special rubber formula to prolong nipple life and improve pliability. Each nipple is 0.55 inch diameter by 2.5 inch long, with...

  • $51.74

    Keep your calves warm with Udder Tech's calf blankets. Blankets are made of ThinsulateTM Insulation, and attach with straps and quick release buckles. Water resistant Double insulated.

  • $48.95

    The Kalf Koat/Calf Coat from Koehn mfg is effective year round in all conditions. Has a quilted ripstop nylon 3M Thinsulate for thermal insulation, and is made from a lightweight, water repellant nylon. Outer shell is mildew & abrasive resistan. Fits all sizes of newborns with front adjustable Velcro straps. Red

  • $11.95

    The Milk Bottle Brush is a spiral-bound brush with stainless steel wire on a wooden 24" hickory handle. Type 6.6 white nylon bristles are just the right stiffness. 

  • $9.28

    The calf Bottle Holder by Miller Mfg is for use on the 2 quart nursing bottles only. It is powder-coated for added protection and rust prevention. Bottle sold separately. Mounts on any "2 by" board.  

  • $21.95

    A Braden Bottle is a clear plastic bottle to start calves on dry feed from day one, for faster growth and earlier weaning. Easily hung using attached strap, will hold 3 lbs. of pellets and lets you see how much each calf is eating. Bottle is warranted for one year and nipple will last for 2-3 calves.

  • $12.70

    An easy transition from bottle to bucket. Nipple is on an extra large plate to prevent from tipping over. Has an unbreakable mounting lug. Easy to take apart and clean.

  • $5.88

    High quality, heavy nickel-plated obstetrical chains. Convenient to use and easy to keep clean and sanitary. Chain gives a good grip on the calf, but will not cause injury when being used to assist a cow having difficulty calving. Chains are more sanitary than ordinary rope. Can be used with O.B. handle.Available in 30 inch or 60 inch lengths.

  • $10.52

      An OB handle that aids in the use of O.B. chains or O.B. straps. A one piece nickel-plated handle with blue coated grip for extra cushion and easier gripping. High-quality nickel-plated steel, resists corrosion.

  • $7.50

    Heavy-duty nylon makes these O.B. straps weather and mildew resistant. D-rings on both ends. Economical alternative to O.B. chains. Work with fetal extractors. An economical alternative to O.B. chains.  For use with O.B. handle. Comes in 30 inch or 60 inch lengths.