• $8.09

    A powder formulation used as an aid in controlling minor bleeding caused by superficial cuts, wounds and dehorning. For use on all animals. Apply powder freely to bleeding surface. Repeat as needed. Ferrous Sulfate 7h20 - 84.0%/ Ammonium Alum 5.0% Chlorox. Private label brands may vary.      

  • $13.73

    Mt. Ayr Vet - A powdered lamb and calf claimer aid. Sprinkle a liberal amount on the back of the lamb or calf to be fostered and confine with cow or ewe in small area. No withdrawal.

  • $20.62

    Pfizer- Contains oxytetracycline and Polymyxin B in an ointment for use in the eye. Use for infections caused by susceptible organisms, such as pinkeye, corneal ulcer, and conjunctivitis in dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, and horses. Administer 2-4 times daily.

    No Sale to California
  • $7.94

    For use on dogs, cats, sheep, cattle, and horses for control of summer itch, girth itch, foot rot, ringworm, and other fungal problems. Soak affected area liberally with the solution. Apply daily until hair begins to grow. Rinse treated areas with clear water before reapplying. Private label brands may vary.

  • $13.24

    PVP Iodine Onitment is a topical antiseptic cream for use on horses, cattle, swine, and sheep to aid in the treatment of foot rot, sores, minor cut, bruises, abrasions, and burns. Ready to use antisepti. Treats fungal and bacterial skin infection, helps prevent infection in cuts, scratches, abrasions, and burn. 

  • $8.10

    FOR HOOF & FOOT ROT Dr. Naylor's - Veterinary topical antibacterial for hoof and foot rot in sheep, goats, dairy and beef cattle. Penetrates deep into hoof to attack infection. Does not cause hoof to shrink, become discolored, hard, or brittle. 16 oz. squirt bottle will treat approx. 8-12 hooves.

  • $7.95

    .50% permethrin  To protect BEEF, DAIRY , HOGS, SHEEP, HORSES AND GOATS from horn flies, face flies, house flies, mosquitoes and gnats apply a light mist. To control Stable flies, horse flies and deer flies on LIVESTOCK apply at a  rate of 2oz per animal sufficient to wet the hair thoroughly.

  • $22.34

    Hooflex® Therapeutic Conditioner Ointment is a unique formula that helps maintain the pliability of the entire hoof by providing conditioners necessary for long-lasting moisture balance.  

  • $14.88

    Aids in the prevention of cracks in hot, dry conditions or the development of soft, mushy hooves in wet conditions. Quick-drying waterproof formula seals in moisture. Gives hooves a show-ring shine. Does not contain toluene. Seals in essential moisture under dry conditions. Keeps excessive moisture out under wet, soggy conditions.

  • $9.44

    May be used for intrauterine application or dissolved in water for flushing open wounds in beef or dairy cattle & sheep. For cattle: insert 2-4 boluses & for sheep 1/2-1 bolus. Do not administer orally. Private label brands may vary.

  • $84.98

    T-Hexx is the only dry cow sealant that combines the quick, safe, and effective power of alcohol with the long lasting protection of the anti-microbial Triclosan. Will stay on the teat for 3 to 7 days, creates an impervious waterproof film, maintains high germicidal activity for days, dries quickly, and has a highly visible blue color. 32oz

  • $30.59

    Vetericyn Plus All Animal Pinkeye Spray now contains the New Vetericyn Plus with Advanced Hypochlorous Technology. Vetericyn Pink Eye Spray is formulated especially for eyes that are irritated by the effects of pinkeye. The pH neutral formula is steroid-free, antibiotic-free, non-toxic and non-irritating.