• $12.10

    Vets Plus - Contains a source of live viable, naturally occuring microorganisms. Administer orally on back of tongue as needed. Newborns: 5 gm; vealers, beef cattle under 400 lb-10 gm; over 400 lb-15 gm; newborn lambs-5 gm; dairy cows 30gm at freshening; post-antibiotic therapy and surgery-15 gm for beef and dairy.

  • $21.25

    A mild laxative for the lubrication of the intestinal tract. Dosage: Horses and cattle, 1-4 qt; sheep, 1-2 pts; hogs, 1-2 pts; dogs 1-4 tablespoons according to size. Follow label directions. No withdrawal. FOB charges may apply. Private label brands may vary.

  • $12.83

    UAA Gel is a universal animal antidote gel that may be used in the treatment of accidental poisoning of cattle, horses, goats, dogs and cats. Combines the absorbent properties of activated hardwood charcoal in an aqueous gel suspension that is highly effective and quick acting.  Recommended for emergency first aid of oral poisoning. 300gm

  • $3.98

    Amino Acid Oral Solution by Aspen Vet is for use as a nutritional supplement of vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes for cattle, swine, sheep and horses. A supportive treatment of dehydration resulting from prolonged fevers, transportation shrink, pneumonia and diarrhea. A readily available energy source. Brands may vary.

  • $20.37

    Aspirin Powder can be used to reduce fever and relieve minor muscle aches and joint pain in horses and livestock. 30 gm. aspirin measures one ounce in volume for dosing. Directions: Cattle-horses: 4.0-60 gm; calves-foals: .5 gm-6.0 gm; sheep-swine: 1-3 gm; dogs: 0.15 gm-1.0 gm. Administer orally. No withdrawal. Private label brands may vary.

  • $13.40

    Merricks- Direct-fed microbials for a source of live viable naturally-occurring microorganisms. Formulated to provide essential electrolytes and energy. Mix one measure ( 10gm scoop) with each 8 oz. of water.

  • $7.75

    A mild laxative, antacid and detoxicant for simple indigestion of ruminants.

  • $24.81

    NEW Mana Pro - the ultimate in multi-species application, labeled for 11 species of farm animals and pets.

  • $9.27

    Sterling Technology - An appetite stimulator/first milk supplement containing special proteins, vitamins and lactic acid-producing bacteria to help get newborn lambs up nursing A.S.A.P. The syringe contains 2 doses and provides a quick and easy solution to getting newborns up and nursing as soon as possible.

  • $14.68

    Nutri Drench Goat & Sheep from Bovidr labs aids in the prevention of antibiotic failure and the correction of ketosis, and helps in the hardiness and survivability of scouring kids and lambs. Immediate energy support.  Delivers high vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids & glucose in minutes.

  • $14.10

    A source of live viable naturally occuring microorganisms. Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum 10 Million CFU.

  • $37.57

    A source of live (viable) natural occurring microorganisms. Blend with starter or grower rations of beef cattle/calves according to directions on jar; 10 gms per day to stocker cattle, for example. Dairy cows 1 tsp. a day, adult horses 5 gms a day and swine 5 gms/day. 5gm=1tsp. Administer per label/species directions. FOB charges may apply.