• $16.64

    Highlighting shampoo for enhancing and whitening hair or wool. Brightens white hair, intensifies colors of all hair coats and shampoos away yellow tint, sun faded, and stained hair or wool. Leaves coat with a beautiful luster.

  • $30.86

    Easy to use compression action. Hand-operated pressure sprayer for equine & pet care such as grooming, cleaners, insecticides, watering, liquid fertilizers, and much more. All parts are highly durable and offer chemical resistance. Built in safety valve, inline filtration, and adjustable spray nozzle. 

  • $22.50

    Sullivan's Renew Skin Scrub was designed specifically for any slick shorn livestock. Sullivan’s Renew brings a soft, vibrant polished look back to any troubled or flaky skin. This scrub is great for eliminating debris that is left over from insect bites and gives the skin a whole new look and feel.a whole new look and feel. 16oz