• $24.50

    Controls horn, face, stable, house and horse flies, mosquitoes, lice, ticks, and mange mites. Multi-species applications- lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle, beef cattle, horses, goats, sheep, swine and poultry. As a livestock spray, mix 1 pt per gal. water. 5 day withdrawal.

  • $8.00 $9.36
    $8.00 $9.36

    An emulsifiable insecticide spray containing 10% permethrin. It is labeled for use directly onbeef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, horses, poultry and dogs, and their premises. It provides up to 30 day residual effect against various pests including flies, lice, mites, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks, including deer ticks.

  • $154.13

    SwineGuard Pour-on is the only ready-to-use oil based permethrin pour-on formulation for swine. SwineGuard Pour-on for swine rapidly controls mange mites (Sarcoptes scabiei), and lice and aids in control of biting and nuisance flies.

  • $20.74 $22.24
    $20.74 $22.24

    Prolate is an organophosphorous insecticide that controls lice and mange on swine and horn flies, lice, mange and ticks on cattle. One quart treats up to 100 head at a dilution of 1 quart per 50 gallons of water. 1 day Swine withdrawal. 3 day Cattle withdrawal  ORMD product, must ship UPS ground

  • $10.79

    Protects wounds against screwworms, fleece worms, adult blowflies and spinose ear ticks. For use on swine, cattle, horses, sheep and goats. Contains chlorpyrifos. Directions: Spray the wound until completely covered and especially the area around the wound where drainage might attract flies. Not for sale in NJ  Aerosols must ship UPS Ground

  • $9.74

    For use on beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, swine and horses. Kills screw worms and maggots. For dehorning, castration and docking. Ear ticks on beef and dairy cattle. Aerosols must ship UPS Ground. Private label brands may vary

  • $26.24

    Dy Fly Aerosol controls flies, mosquitoes, gnats, moths, ants, hornets, wasps, spiders and roaches. Use on: dairies, animal quarters, homes, milk rooms and poultry houses and food processing. Animal uses: cattle, horses and swine. See 'More Details' for restricted states. Aerosols must ship UPS Ground.

    No Sale to California
  • $134.12

    Co-Ral® is an organophosphate dust which has been proven to control pyrethroid-resistant horn flies.  Controls horn flies and lice on beef and dairy cattle.  Aids in control of face flies on beef and dairy cattle and controls lice on swine. 4 x 12.5 (50lbs) Not for Sale to CA

    No Sale to California
  • $44.23 $46.48
    $44.23 $46.48

    A ready to use free-flowing dust containing 0.25% permethrin for long lasting control of face flies, horn flies, and lice in swine, beef, and dairy cattle, and for control of mites in poultry. It can be applied directly to animals, poultry and their bedding. No sale to CA and NV.

    No Sale to California
  • $7.95

    .50% permethrin  To protect BEEF, DAIRY , HOGS, SHEEP, HORSES AND GOATS from horn flies, face flies, house flies, mosquitoes and gnats apply a light mist. To control Stable flies, horse flies and deer flies on LIVESTOCK apply at a  rate of 2oz per animal sufficient to wet the hair thoroughly.

  • $7.25 $8.72
    $7.25 $8.72

    Contains .25% permethrin. For control of horn flies, lice & face flies on beef & dairy cattle and horses, lice on swine, and northern fowl mites on poultry. Also good for  fleas, ticks & lice on dogs and cats. It can be applied directly to animals, poultry and their bedding.

  • $22.43

    A ready-to-use permethrin insecticide dust designed to kill horn flies and lice on cattle and as an aid in reducing face fly populations on beef and dairy cattle. It is also ideal for control of Northern Fowl Mites on poultry and for control of lice on swine. Aids in the control of horse flies, stable flies, black flies, and ticks.